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So here we go, it’s time to blog about my shoots, because why not. And besides, after mostly switching to film I have more usable shots( despite shooting less frames, bite me “spray and pray”) and I really wanna share all or most of them but can’t. So I will just do it here in my blog posts.

Couple of weeks ago my good friend, singer and tattoo artist Jerrra Blues hit me up about the shoot she wanted to do. It would involve being topless and rooftop at her new place. Sounds like fun! Except, I am afraid of heights, so that might be an issue.

So last weekend I took my camera bag, packed some gear and head to Bushwick.

The gear I was planning on using was:

  • Bronica ETRSi, with mettered prizm and 220 back( cause I am cheap and could not find the proper 120 back, goddamit.)
  • 5 rolls of Kodak TriX 400 120 film( cause I forgot to buy Arista, which is my fav film)
  • Canon Rebel SII ( it failed me that morning, so was laying dead at the bottom of my bag, being useless space waster)
  • And my ugly looking Sony A6000 with Sigma Art 30mm F2.8 (trying to get rid of it, anybody wants one?)

So I got to Jerra’s place around 2pm, we had mimosas( thanks, girl) and started shooting. I shot a roll in her bedroom, playing with the reflection in the mirror and then we headed out to the roof. The thing was, to get there, you have to climb a flimsy ladder. First challenge, but I show no fear( maybe just a little bit, lol)

The roof was pretty spacious , with bunch of stuff laying around, so there were plenty of spots too shoot.

My Bronica has a metered AE prism, so I set it to the film speed(iso 400) and because of the position of the sun, added 2 stops of exposure compensation — just learned that stuff, courtesy of Ansel Adams and zone system.

We shot 3 rolls out there, Jerra changed outfits, and finished a bottle of wine. I got a sunburn(of course) and did my best not to get a panic attack.

The film was developed in Rodinal 1:25 for 5 minutes, but I assume I put to little developer, so some of the frames were a bit fucked up. Still, you can see for yourself.

First 2 images shot at iso 1600 but developed at iso 400( cause I forgot)




The others are shot and developed at box speed iso 400. Warning NSFW. Enjoy and ttyl!